Come to me

Come to me my love... Come to me now!
I miss you so much... It hurts.. I don't want to miss you anymore.

Come to me... Come to me now..
I have been waiting for you so long time.. and I'm still waiting.
I don't want to wait anymore.

Come to me now.. just come...
I will never let you go when we meet again..
I will always be by your side! just come, and never go away from me..!

A new header

I have made a new header for this blog.. It will show up here soon. ^^
And I have change the color of the text in the headline from white to dark pink-red.

I hope you will like it my love. <3

A busy day

Today was a day with no rest...
I went to my grandparents with my dad and his fiancee to drink some coffee.. After that we went to bollnäs to buy some food and stuff.. We went to MAX to eat after tha shopping.... And after eating he drove me home, and i just changed pants and went to work..... And now i just came home, and I'm going to study a little bit, then go to bed.
i have to wake up early tomorrow, 06.30..... T.T
It feels like all my free-time is gone.. I wake up, go to school, go home after school to take a shower, then go to work, after work I have to study, and after the studying I go to bed. :/
But what doesn't a human do to earn some money??

Working is hard

Working is sometimes hard, but also fun.. Today was a hard time... But I sure did laugh a lot too.. ^^
I'm going to bed now,,, and I will study a little bit before I fall asleep. Just read a little.
I'm going to work tomorrow too... but I will start around 16 instead of 15.. Thats great, it gives me one more hour to study. ^^

I'm really happy for all the comments you write to me my love... I really appreciate it. <3

Ah... I forgot... My cellphone broke today.. so I'm using my old cell now.. It is a Nokia 3220.. It's maybe 6 years old or something like that.. hehe... But it is better then nothing ^^

Nighty night

Made by Cathy

This is another picture made by Cathy


I have to study now... but it is sooo boooring!!! I have to read 20 pages in the History Book... T.T
I don't like to read........ especially history...... so boring subject.......


Cathy made this for us... Isn't it nice? ^^


It is snowing really a lot today.... It's like the sky have open it self. Amazingly white white everywhere! ^^
So beautiful.. I wish my beloved could see it with me. But he will, some day.. Im sure of that..
Ah ~~~~ I miss him so much.. Every time it is snowing like this I feel that I really miss him...


I'm hungry.. and I dont know what to eat...

A talking cat

This cat is so cute and funny. ^^
If you didn't belive that cats can talk, the this is the proof of it.

93.8 Music FM CBS

Im back home from work now... And my sister Sanna is here too. She have been in my home while i've been working and she will sleep here tonight.... We are listening to a Korean radio chanel righ now, the name of it is: 93.3 Music FM CBS..
There are so many great songs and it helps me to learn the language faster. ^^
Here is a link to the radio chanel:

Korean food

I will make some kimchi next week when I get my money. ^^
I hope i can make it... I think I will make 깍두기김치 or 배추김치..... But I like the 깍두기 better then the 배추김치.. so..... I think it will be 깍두기김치.. ^^
And.... when I have made some kimchi......... I will make Korean dinner for my family... maybe Bulgogi or Naengchae... I'm not sure yet... maybe just some easy food with noodle and kimchi.... hehe.......

A drawing

This is a picture of a drawing I made a few days ago.. ^^

A new cardigan

I bought me a new cardigan today after school.. ^^
Do you like it??

Home at last

Today was a looong day at work.. i came home about 22.30.. i have been standing for about 7-8 hours today.. and i got so much pain in my feet. but I think I will get used to it after a while...
anyway.. it is late and I have to go to sleep now...

So happy!

I'm so happy right now.. I have internet again.... Yaaay!! Hurray!!! Wohoo! ^^
But I don't have much time to write coz I have to prepare to work... I will write more later...
See ya!

Ps. thanks J.B for giving me comments! ^^ It makes me really happy! ♥

Babo internet

I still doesn't have any internet.. It is so annoying. TT
I'm in my fathers home now.. He is not home so me and my brother is here alone and I think we will watch a movie or play a game soon... We havn't decide yet..

Anyway, I think I have find a job! Yaaay... ^^
But I'm not sure about it yet... I will be so happy if I get it... It would be nice to earn some extra cash. ^^

Hmm... I will write again as soon as I can... Bye Bye

Internet doesn't work

My computer is fixed but internet still doesn't work.. :/
I will buy a new USB-internet thing for whireless connection.. I don't know the name of it... hehe....... ^^

Anyway... I love you Jong Beum.... Soo MUCH!


L. is for the way you look at me
O. is for the only one I see
V. is very very extraordinary
E. is even more then
anyone that you adore can

I'ts all that I can give to you
Love is more then just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart but please don't break it
love was made for me and you.

Love you Love you Bum Bum..
you recognize the text?? ^^

Good Night My LOVE

Good night... Im going to sleep now... I dont know what to write... so I'll just say good night for tonight..


Cute hat

Haha.... So cute hat.. Rastafari! ^^
I think it is warm.. Thats good...
Ah~~i miss you...
..I'll come as soon as i can..
My love... I love you... So much...
..take care of your health and
.....dont forget to eat... ok? ♥

See you in no time!

Im so good!

I have quit smoking now my love..! I have to be strong and healthy if i want to become a mother someday... So..... I quit smoke..... ^^


This is the first day of 2009.. and this year is going to be the best year ever!
This year will be the year that I'll always remember... I will make this year to a happy year.
I really hope it will be our year my love... Our happy year to remember for ever.
...I love you..

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