Today....A nice day! =)

This day started bad but ended up to be great. ^^

I woke up with a biiiiig headache and felt weak.

I went to my grandparents 2pm with my baby brother Jesper to eat some food.
I forgot my cellphone at home.

I came back home, still with a biiig headache. Checked my cellphone....
I saw that i had missed 3 calls from J.B. I called him back, but he didnt answer.

One hour later, he called again... He gave me good news.
He said that he had told his parents that we are a couple. ^^
And he said that he told them that he loves me a lot.

Isnt that great???? Im so happy...
We are now, one year three months and four days later, a real couple! <3

Bad day with a happy ending. =)

I miss my love!

Today is J.B's first day at work. I hope everything is going well for him and that he will like his work and the coworkers. =)
And.... He moved to a new apartment too. But i dont know how it looks like yet, or how big it is. I will ask him to send me pictures. ^^
Ah.... he also have a roommate... A senior... I hope they will get along and can become friends.
I miss my lovely J.B a loooot, but i'm sure I can wait for him. Even if it may take looooong time untill we will meet again. I'm sure i can wait. It did it for 9 months last time, so i think i can do it again. ^^
I love him soo much.. I can wait a whole lifetime if i need to!


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