To My Special Someone.. ^^

When I see you.

When I see you. I see the guy in my dreams.

The cutest. The hottest. The nicest guy in the world.

When I see you. It's like the whole world stops.

My heart is pounding faster than a heart can do.. ever!

When I see you. I just want to hug you. And stay like that forever.

I know. That every hug, every kiss. Will be special.

When I see you. I think: "Omg. That's the guy that say "I love you" to me.

That's the guy I say "I love you too" to.

That's the guy I'm going to meet, I'm going to hug, kiss and be with.

That's the guy I'm going to spend my best days in my life with."

When I see you. I see the one I love.


and i want to see you forever.

i protect you.

from yours.

to mine.

2008-06-17 @ 19:37:09

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