I want it

Gaah! I really want to buy a PSP.... i envy my love so much!!! He got one but i don't.... T.T
I usually don't like to play games and stuff like that, but psp is really fun!
And it's a "able-to-do-many-things-machine!" Like ~~~~ it can play games, music, movies and much more... it's so awesome!! ^^
Incredible!!! the technology is so smart now days.. ha ha..

Can't sleep

I can't sleep.... Miss you to much my love. It have been 10 weeks since last time I saw you!
I wan't you next to me when I go to bed... Next to me when I wake up... Next to me when I go out... I wan't you next to me all the time... When I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm full of energy and when I'm tired... Always and forever! ♥
Gaah!! Why do you have to live so far away???? Miss you like crazy!

Inessa Galante - Ave Maria (Caccini)

I really love this song... I listen to it many times every day!
I remember you gave me the link to this one my love.. ^^
In march 2008.
Every time I listen to this song I think of you. ♥

Inessa Galante - Ave Maria (Caccini)

사랑해요 김종범...

♥ 사랑해 종범...영원...나의 남편. ♥

Miss you so much!

But im happy even if i miss you..
Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will. ^^

I'm always thinking of you! ♥
The one who gave me a smile every day. ♥
The one who cried with me when I cried. ♥
The one who really showed me love. ♥
The one who is my only one.. ♥
Now and forever! ♥

Back home!

I just came back home from Sara... (Maybe 40 minutes ago.)
We did study about economical stuff for tomorrows test!
Here's some pictures from today. ^^

Good girls study hard..! ☆

We got tired of studying after a few hours. ^^

Sara is calling the earth.. Typical me to put stuff in my nose.


I'm going to Sara again today.. We have a very hard test tomorrow so we have to study a lot today.
So boring, but we have to do it.. ^^
And I hope Sara have coffee when I come.. I really need it..!

Love you BumBum

Hmmm! T.T

You have to give me some comments sometimes........ T_T
..So boring when no one do that.....


I got the result of the first two final tests in English today.. And I passed both of them! ^^
With an A and a B+
                                                        ☆ I'm so good.. ☆

I hope I'll pass this last one too... It would be so great to finish English A and start with B.. Yaay!

사랑해요 범범

Another fire!!

Tonight i had another fire in my kitchen..!
This time it was the toaster.....
Whatever i do in the kitchen it ends up with a fire nowdays.
i dont know whats wrong with me.... i just cant do anything right anymore...
..its like....someone is messing with me........ maybe i should stop making food....
...i dont want to burn the house down... =(


I don't know why.. But I really feel lonely tonight..
I'm thinking of you all the time, wishing you weren't so far away.


I just came home from Sara.... So windy outside.. I almost thought i was going to blow away in the wind..! It's -10 degrees outside now, but the wind is about -15.. or maybe more! Even my hair became ice!

.....i really hope this weather will go away soon... I hate cold weather like this... and I hate STORM!!!!! T.T

Now am i going to light some candles, eat some toasted bread, drink some tea and enjoy the feeling of being inside and watch the storm..
To bad i have to do it alone. *weeping*


Hmm.. I think I will go to Sara today.. I'm not sure, but maybe.. We have the third part of the english final test tomorrow, and two other tests this week... so we should study.. Bläääää!!

And... my grandparents came to me today.. ^^
We talked and drank some coffee and ate some cookies! Yummy! haha...

....now im going to wash the dishes and do some laundry. ^^

사랑해 종범

So Cold..!

It's so cold here my love. I want you with me, beside me.. You are my sun and my heat.. I can't get warm without you.

Once upon a time, something happened to me,
it was the sweetest thing, that could ever be,
a fantasy, a dream came true, it was the day I met you. 

Emma & Dennis say HI to you

They really want to meat you..... ^^

Me and Dennis say HI Too.... Love you. ^^

My nameday today...

Today is my nameday.... ^^
So my grandmother invited me and some more people to dinner..
It was really nice food, chicken!! And after that we ate some cookies and other nice stuff.
Sooooooooo ~~~~~~~~~ goooooooood..!
You havn't say "happy nameday" to me my love.. T.T

..if you miss me

When you miss me just look up to the night sky and remember, I'm like a star;
 sometimes you can't see me, but I'm always there.
That's what I do.. And it makes me happier every night. ^^
Love you so much J.B

Miss you so much!

I miss you when something really good happens, because you're the one I want to share it with.
I miss you when something is troubling me, because you're the only one who understands me so well.
I miss you when I laugh and cry, because I know that you're the one who makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear.
I miss you all the time, but I miss you the most when I lie awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other for those were some of the best memorable times of my life.

I think about you constantly, whether it's with my mind or my heart.

Painted Hands

It takes this guy four hours to do a hand. Then he photographs it for posterity. I cannot imagine how he does the eyes so remarkably lifelike. It took him 10 hours to do the two-handed Eagle in picture #2.

My love

the first picture i took of you. ^^

Its over

...school day is over.. feels soooo gooood.... ^^
i dont think the test went very well taday, but i hope i'll pass it..
I have many tests now..
I will have the final one in english 24/11.. writing.... O.o
i really hope i'll pass.......
26/11 is a speach about economical stuff..
and 27/11 is a test about politics in sweden.

I will be a bit busy this comming days.. coz i really want to pass everyone... so i have to study a lot. T.T
...but if i'll pass everything and do a good job i know university will wait for me next autumn. Yaay..

Im happy

Im happy that you can use your internet again my love..
Hope to see you tomorrow....
Love you..

Test tomorrow

I just came home from my friend Sara... We have a test about social economy tomorrow.. (like Swedish economy stuff)
We have been studying for 6 hours today, so i really hope i will pass this test..
I totally suck if i don't... ha ha... ^^
Well.... wish me luck!

Love you J.B


My love got his birthday gifts today!! ^^

I hope you liked them... and that everything was in good condition.
Love you so much!

Dont forget how i look like.... Love you! ♥


Ah~~~~~~im so happy!
I had the final test in english today.. And i think it went really well...
 Im 99.9% sure that i passed... ^^
Im soooo goood!!! Haha....
As soon as i get the result ill write it down here.

 ♥ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓨⓞⓤ ⓙ.ⓑ ♥

Everything was ok.

Nothing had change... Everything was the same as last time in hospital. ^^

Anyway...... i just came home from school meeting.. They said i have big chance to enter university in autumn 2009, they was almost 100% sure about it..! =)
They will only let 5 people study in that class, and i may be one of them.. wohooo.... so happy if that happens!

I miss you a lot J.B.... and i hope you check our blog sometimes. ^^
I only use this so you can see what i plan each day.

I hope you will hear something about a job soon.. and whetever it will be, i'll love you! ♥

Check day!

I have check day today. ^^
I will be there 10.00 and home maybe 12.30....
I'll write later and tell you if everything is ok. ^^

Love you J.B

It's alive!

It have been a few days now without any writing..
The reason is.....My computer explode a few days ago... It said "Boom" and then all went black!
...But its fixed now.. I had to change everythng in it.. T.T
I just got money and now i lost it all again... haha....
so typical.... im always so lucky.. ^^

But even when i dont have any money.. i am the happiest woman in the world.
Coz i already have everything i want... and that is my love. What ever happens i know i have him.. The best man in the world.. My husband... my J.B... ♥

I love you so much!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday My Love...my husband..my everything!

I wish you a great comming year with lots of love and happyness...

I love you so much....If i could i would come to you right now and give you a birthday kiss and make you a birthday party.

In sweden its still 2 and a half hour left untill its your birthday. ^^

Ah~~~~ i would really like to be with you now and give you your best birthday ever.

Love you and miss you a lot.. i will say happy birthday again when you wake up!


Sleeping J.B

I hope you have a nice sleep my love....... ♥
...I think you are still sleeping.. coz i know you have late class today.. ^^

I had to share this picture of my love... He is sleeping like a baby... So cute ^^

Can't sleep

Hmmmm... i cant sleep...
  i wake up every night, several times....
and i dream the most strangest dreams ever..
one time i dreamed about that a human was climbing out of another humans mouth!
so scary, and so weird..

I want to sleep with my love.... he keeps the bad dreams away.

Anyway... im going back to sleep now...

If you read this my love... i just want to say:: I LOVE YOU!


Going to my mom

I will go to my mother soon... to help my little brother with his homework..


I really hate math.... and i totaly suck! haha... but i hope i can help him.. i will do my best.

 i hope your interview went well today. Im happy for you my love! ♥

See you... i will try to not take toooo loooong time.. But i cant promise...

Love you J.B


Birthday Party

I'm back from my cousins birthday party... She turned 12 today.. ^^
First we had some lunch, tomato and basilika soup..
..after the soup we ate some cookies and drank some coffee.. It was really nice.. I love cookies!!! ♥

When i was there i was thinking about my love J.B....
He have his birthday soon, and i would really like to make a birthday party for him.

One day i will be able to make you a really nice birthday party my love.
With food, cookies, family and happy smiles.
Thinking of that makes me so happy.. ^^
ah~~~~i miss you!

im on my way to my cousin....in my grandparents car.. sooo tired.  ^^

Going to Bollnäs

Hmm... A friend of my father and I called today..
She asked me to go to bollnäs with her and eat in chinese restaurant.
....and ofcourse i said YES! You know how much i love food... ^^

We will take a bus 12.45... im not sure about what time i'll come home..

사랑해요 종범

 ♥안녕 ♥

잘생긴 김종밤


Today was a busy day... I did a lot....
..And now im really sleepy... I havn't slept a whole night for days now.. So i hope i can sleep tonight.

...Good luck today... And may the sun follow your every step.


8 days left..!

Just a while ago i sat down in my kitchen, drinking some tea and thought about you J.B...
then i suddenly realized that its only 8 days left untill your birthiday... Wohooo...

I wish i could be there ♥ and i hope your birthday presents will come in time.

Ah ~~~~~ love you so much..

i will go out now for dinner...
..and i will be back home at 19.00..

Check day today! ^^

Everything was ok.... almost...
i have lost some white blood corpuscles...
..but its nothing serious. ^^


i will be really busy this week with school and study.. so dont take me wrong...
its not that i forget about you... i just really have to focus... i really want to pass... thats why..
i love you... and that will not change.. so dont be angry at me....
i do this for us... if i didnt, i wouldnt try this hard to pass everything quickly.... usally i do everything slow and good.... and now i try to do it quick and better then before... and that take a lot of my spare time my love..

Love you with all of my heart! ♥

J.B = My future, my life

I love this picture.... It's so ~~~~ cute.. ^^

   Aww ~~~~~ look at that face..... like a baby begging for candy.. ♥
"Please, mom.. Please.. Can i have some?"

Some day i will introduce you like my husband. ^^
♥김종범.. 나의남편♥

my favorite Porridge!

Doesnt it look great??? Soooo tasty... sweet and salty... ah ~~~~~ *drowling*

Yummy!!!! ^^

   Semolina porridge with walnut!
                        ....I love it.... ^^

Waiting for class....

..my class starts 13.55...... so boring to wait...... right now im doing some porridge...
  i wish you could taste it too.. its my favorite.... i will put up a picture of it later.. ^^

 Love you ♥

once again...

....i cant sleep..... cant stop thinking about you.. ^^
..and when i think about you it is impossible to fall asleep,,,,,
                     its to happy,, and gives me butterflies in my stomach.... and energy comes flowing in my body..
 Hmmm.. I miss you my love..

  Today will be a ordinary day i think... The only plans i got is school.....
my first class start 13.55, feels so~~~~nice ^^

and it may happen that i go to my friend Sara after class to study...
                 But i will tell you before i go there, if i will go.

Ah ~~~~~ I have to try to sleep again now....

 ♥ Love you more then anything ♥

Wohooo! It finally came!!

Now i got korean keyboard!!!

.....................Look how beautiful.... ♥      
             This is so good... Now i can learn how to read and write much faster... Yaaay! ~~~~~~~~~ So happy!

Love you! ♥ Kim Jong Beum

A new day, with new events ^^

Hmmm... Today is really cold.... Like -10 degrees.. So i think i will stay inside all day and drink some tea.. ^^

Ah ~~~ My friend Carina and her son Samuel will come to my home today afternoon. I havnt seen her anything since i came back to sweden.. So it will be fun... ^^

I miss you so much... Whooo.. Only 7 months left.. Or less... Yaaaaay! So happy.... ♥

..Oh, i forgot... I have to go to my aunt Emma today too... to pick up my korean keyboard stickers.. ^^
to bad i have to go out in this cold weather, but i will put on much cloths.. really much cloths.. hehe...

i gotta go now.. To drink some tea and clean up my home...

See ya!

miss you.... and Jesper say hi to you.. he really want to meet you someday. ^^
he ask me almost everytime: "when will your new husband come to see me Cilla?"
(coz for him i am his wife... remember??) ^^

I will always follow you..

I have to sleeep..

Ah ~~~~ I miss you to much... I can't sleep....

..............Come to me my love, it's so cold, i need you next to me...

..But i know i have to wait... 7 months left.. time is ticking...... ^^

-10 degrees!!!! o_0


It took me hours to make this work!!!!!!!
Im so happy i finally made it.. ^^
I Love You Bum Bum


Earlier today.. Emma came to my home... She was going to a haloween party so she needed my help with the make up. ^^
Soooo, here is a picture of her... Looks scary doesnt it??
..........And JumYum got some paint on her nose.. ^^ So cute!


Today my grandparents came to my home... They brought some cookies and I made them some coffee.. We had a really nice time talking about the most wonderful person ~~~~~ Kim Jong Beum.. ^^
I showed them some pictures of my time in korea, and they liked them.

Also my grandmother realy likes him and she asked me if im going to marry that guy..
My answer to that question was : "I will say yes if he ask me." ♥

After my grandparents left I went to a tobacoshop to refill my cellphone with 10 dollar.. And called my love.. We talked for 6 minutes and that cost me 3 dollar. ^^ I also talked to his sister Mi Hee for a few minutes. She sounded happy and prosper.. I miss her... but Bum Bum by the way sounded like he was sleeping, so calm and tired voice. ^^

Ah ~~~~ I miss all of you guys.... especially my love... But everyone else too. ♥

Its very cold outside today, so i think i will be inside all day....... But if a friend call me to go out, maybe i will, but i hope noone will call...... Hahah.... im soo lazy today.. =p

Thank you!

My time with you was the best time in my life... And I thank God everyday for making me know you.
..And I thank your father and mother for makng you to be such a wonderful person.

You are my everything... thanks for being my love.. I will be there for you whatever happens. ♥

♥사랑해 김종범..... 항상 ♥

Look at your hair... So ~~ cute  ^^

This is just for you my love! ^^

I will write down everything I think and everything I do.
That way you will always know what happens. ^^

On my way to the church.... ^^

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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