I still miss you too much.... I ended yesterday with some crying and started this day with some more.. Whats wrong with me???
I usually don't cry like this... Nothing is funny anymore.. And I can't smile at anything... I was in my grandparents home this weekend, and we usually have really fun and laughing there... But I couldn't laugh... I couldn't understand the fun... Everybody was laughing, but I couldn't..... It's not fare.... I don't get it....

I miss you really too~~~~~~~much... It's like I'm dieing here without you... I can't take it..... It's too much right now.... T.T

Can't sleep

I can't sleep.. I miss you too much..
I want to be with you, beside you... I don't want to be here anymore...
Please God... Let me be with him. Let me be with my husband!


I think it's going to be nice weather today. The sun is already shining... ^^
I'm so happy that spring is coming.. Its so nice!!!!!! And I'm so happy I can see flowers again.. Its so beautiful.

 My sister have been here the this weekend, and we spent the whole day outside yesterday. I hope we can do that today too..

Anyway.. We are going to eat some breakfast now. See ya!

My love is back!

My love came back from his company studying today.. I'm so proud of him! ^^
I think this two weeks was the longest weeks in my life.. I'm so happy I can see him again now.
I sure miss him a lot!

I'm waiting for him now to come online.... Hope it won't take tooo long coz I'm going to swimming pool today at 16.30... I have decided that I have to learn how to swim.. I have to be able to go swimming with my future children some day. And if something happens I need to be able to know how to swim so I can save them. ^^
And also.... my love like to go to indoor swimming pool sometimes, and I want to be able to go with him and have fun too.. Not only looking at him swimming. ^^

Well....... I'm going to make something to eat now while I wait for him. :)

One call away

I know I’ve been busy..and you too.. We havn't seen eachother for a while now.
But there are a few things that you should know..

Even if I can't BE there when you want me, I'm still there.. Just think of me and I'll appear. ^^

And even if I can't be there and talk to you in person when you want me to... Just take your phone and dial my number, coz I will always be one call away. And I'll answer no matter the time as soon as I see it's you.

One call away isn't that far...

I love you.... And I always will....

I'll Be There

Do not judge in advance

47 Year old Susan Boyle wows the judges with her performance in the auditions for Britains Got Talent, singing I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables.

She is amazing! You have to check it out. :)


I Love You

Desperado - Antonio Banderas

I love this song!!!!! And the movie too.... Desperado is one of my favorite movies... ^^

Going to bed

I just came home from the walk of tonight.... ^^
Im going to call my love, and then go to sleep...
I hope it will be a nice and warm day tomorrow so i can spend some time outside.. =)

Company studying

Today... 13/4.....my love attended some company studying. It will take two weeks... he will stay there for five days and then take a rest in the weekend.. and then back again for another five days.
Im so proud of him!

And.... AND... ^^
In this months last day........ he will work as internship for 3 months..... after those months he will know if he get normal position or not.
IM SO PROUD OF HIM! Can you belive it???? He is MY FUTURE!! Such a good man..... I hope my children will be like him..

Happy Easter / 행복한 부활절

The ponder

No moats are too wide
to place bridges on.
No walls are so strong that
they can not be demolished.

If we try,
we find that it is much more
that binds us together
than divides us.

3 months left

I will be able to meet you again soon..... Only three months left..!

He loves me ^^

Computer breakdown

Howdy.... My computer have been broken for more then a week...
It was some kind of virus.....Thats why i have been bad with the updating here...
But now------I'm BACK IN ACTION!!

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