A baby boy

Howdy howdy... Last night.... around 1 am... i got good news... My sister had a son. ^^


My father called me this morning... He said my sister is going to deliver her baby today...
She is soon going to be a mother and I'm going to be an aunt. =)
A child is on its way... New-made.. hah..

A sad story!!

One day I caught a bird.
I said:
- Live with me!
The bird replied:
- No, I want to live and fly freely.
Then I ripped the wings from it, stared at it and said:
- Fly then!
Bleeding, he replied to me:
- I can not fly anymore, but I can sing for you!
Even more resentful I threw the bird into the wall and yelled:
The bird looked at me, bleeding and with sad eyes and whispered:
- Not sing .. But I can die for you ..

Time for school again

Well... now it's time for school again. Aja aja!!!!!
I'm going to do my really best.. I want to finish one thing at least!
And... It's pancakes for lunch today!!! YAAAAY! So happy!!! ^^


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.. i can feel negative wibes around me... But.. i guess it will go away as later.
Now.. is it time to study.. i will start with some history. Coz, thats the most interesting subject.. And after history... i think ill do some computersience.. and if i have the tima after that..... im going to study deutsch, the language of Germany. =)
...and perhaps some korean before i go to bed.

New stockings and new shoes

Wanna drink? ^^

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