Thanks Cathy ^^

made by Cathy...thank  you... ^^

I Love You!


Isn't he cute???? ^^ He have newly cut hair.. I did it.. What do you think?? :)

Miss you tooo much!

I miss you toooo much my love!!!!!!
It is really painful.... i feel really bad coz i missed your graduation day...
I really wanted to see it and be there.... and i wanted to see your happy face that day..and your proud family.
It has soon been 6 months since the last time i saw you and your family... It is hard.... i miss you all..!
I hope you will be able to come here some day..


I'm so happy for your graduation my love!!! And i'm so proud of you! <3


The truth

Remember that
beauty and happiness
doesn't always
walk hand in hand!


Haha, so funny picture!! ^^


Happy graduation my love! ^^
I missed you a lot today... i really wanted to be there and watch you on your graduation.
I'm really happy you made it... and I'm proud of you... Even if your grades are not the best, you are still the best to me. Always the best..! ^^
I Love You.... and good luck to find a job now..... and remember to eat... and be nice to your family and friends..... but... be nicer to me! ^^



check out my other blogg to see some pictures...... Click here!

Picture of a flower... ^^


So tired.............I'm going to sleep now............... Nighty night.......


I went to the hospital earlier today, and i met a doctor there, and she told me that i have to see another doctor later today.. So she gave me a new appointment with a specialist at 14.40... I hope i just need to change my medicine, coz i started to feel bad after using the new med.

A day off

I have a day off from work today... ^^
it feels sooooo nice!!!!
I'm going to study as much as i can and just take it easy...
...and... i'm going to sleep early!!! ^^


Sisters but also Friends

Look at the beautiful background me and Sanna just did!  ^^
Isn't it cool?? Hehehe,,,,,,, :)

at school

The Swedish teacher is sick......... she got the flue........ so me and Sara is here now, irritated, waiting for the next class. T,T
Im looking for some information about the philospher Socrates.............

Nighty night

Going to bed

I just came home.. We had a really nice walk tonight. We talked about a lot of funny and crazy stuff as usual and we carried a few bags to her and her new boyfriends apartment.
....and we tried my new camera a little.. it made really nice pictures even in the darkness.. ^^

anyway.. i'm going to sleep now.. i'm really tired,,, and i got headache. T.T

Going out for a walk

I just came home from work (30 minutes ago)...
Now I'm on my way out for a walk with Sara. ^^
It's so nice to walk in the night time...
The snow is so beautiful in the moonlight, and the fresh air makes me sleep better. :)
I will write again later... See ya..


my stomach is screaming for food... i wonder if i should cook something.....?

Lovely Winter! It's snowing! ^^

I miss you guys ^^

Ah ¨~¨~¨~¨~ I miss you guys... I will come to see you again soon!

Take care of your health.. All of you!

Forever Last Forever

I never had a dream come true, intill the day I found you... A part of me will always be with you, even if we can't see eatchother.. So don't you worry about me.. Because I love you, I love you, I love you.
Even if I can't see your eyes and smile, and even if I can't hear your voice.. I know you are with me, because I can see and hear you in my mind. As long as we remember, we are always together.
I have promised you forever, and forever last forever..!


Hello.. I was out with my friends and friends of my friends yesterday. It was fun, I had a nice time with them. The name of the club we went to was Tranan, I havn't been there for years so it was fun to see it again, but nothing had changed since the last time.

Anyway.. i'm going to my grandparents with my father and Cathy today.. We will go 11.30 to fish on the ice, then are we going to have dinner at 14.00.

I have to go to prepere now..
See ya...

Love you J.B

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