I hate that feeling, when you feel hungry, but you don't want any food you see, and you can't figure out what food you want, and you don't think it even exists, but then you realize that what you want is to see the person you're missing.

 --- I miss you --- J.B ---

Monkey-Me ^^

I find it hard to be serious in photographs.

Amazing fact of the day

Doctor Samuel Johnson drank once thirty-six glasses of wine (port) without moving from his chair.

Haha, he must have fainted as soon as he got up from his chair .. Don't you agree? And he didn't, I'm guess he probably got horribly drunk! Haha .... I wouldn't dare to try it.

Picture of the day

I miss the time with my J.B.. But I know we are going to meet again..
I will never let him go.. <3

Study, study

I did just come home from school.... and now I'm going to study again... T.T
Even if it is hard and boring I make myself happy by thinking positive about it.

Sometimes we have to do things we don't like just to get a better life and future.

My First "Amazing Fact Of The Day" ^^

Did you know that the 3 biggest cities in Europe year 1750 was:
London with 750.000 inhabitants, Paris with 400.000 and Napels with 310.000?

Well, now you know. ^^

Amazing fact

We learn something new almost every day.. Sometimes things we think is unnecessary and sometimes something interesting.. The only thing is that we usually forget the small new things we hear every day.
That is why I am going to write down one or two amazing facts every day from now on, just to share what I hear and let other people learn what I learn... (And.. also... it will make me not forget). ^^

Time for school

Its time for school soon... My first class start 12.20 today.. German..
Second class 16.30 is.. History...
I think i like history more then German... But... i like both the German teacher and history teacher. They are awesome! Very nice people.. =)

I'm going to study hard today! REALLY HARD! All day..

No picture

I forgot my camera at home, so i couldnt take any picture of my sister,,,,, but... maybe next time! ^^


to study or not to study... that's the question...
I have been studying history today. But.. I can't say i have learned anything.. I can't even remember a thing of what i just read. T.T
I don't know whats going on in my head right now.. My brain hasn't been working as usual the last couple of days. Why? I don't know.. I just can't concentrate, and even if i read and study for hours i can get it in my head. It is sooooo annoying! :/

My fluffy hair. ^^


Its a while ago i updated my blog.... I have been so busy with studying.. But now, today.. i got the time to write. ^^

I will go to my grandparents today. And my sister and her boyfriend are coming too. Its nice to meet them again. And.. shes pregnant! ^^ its only one month left untill their blessing are coming to the world. Im so exited! Ind shes soo biig now i guess.. I will take a picture and put it here later. :)
My father and his wife are coming too... And.... she is also pregnant.. haha.. but she have 5 month left.

I feel a little bit like an outcast.. :/
Maybe i should start have a family soon too?

also.... one of my best friends delivered her baby this sunday. He was 48 centimeter and 2804 gram. Such a small boy, but he is healthy. Thats the important thing. ^^ She is going to name him Noah. Isnt it a nice name? :)

Now i only have two friends left who doesnt have their own family.. Hmmm... Everyone else have their own family.. I feel some kinda pressure to get my own. I already have to most wonderful future husband, so why not? ^^

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