Shinbi 8 months

Shinbi turned 8 months yesterday. ^^
Isnt she lovely?

Shinbi Isabel Kim

Our beautiful daughter are 5 weeks old now ^^

Just call my name...and i'll be there ^^

A Baby Girl

We are having a baby! A baby girl! :)


I have been in Korea since september 2010... Like 5 and a half month now... Im married too... Haha.... A loooot hapened since my last time i wrote something.

Well... I live here with my husband, who is J.B.. The one i made this blog for like 3 years ago. He is not reading this blog anymore i think. Hehe...

Anyway. We live in a city named Seosan, im a housewife right now and he is working att KCC as an engineer. We live in an apartment wich has 3 rooms and one kitchen, and one toilet. The rooms are very small, but its ok. Enough to be able to have one kid at least, i think. :)

Before i moved here to Seosan i lived with my husbands parents in Yeosu for like 3 months... I onlt met J.B at the weekends during that time, but not every weekend, coz sometimes he had to work.....

Anyway... Living here is ok... But.... its also very hard... The culture is so different and makes me feel suffocating sometimes. And i miss my family SO MUCH! I didnt even imagine i were going to miss them like this. And all my friends... I miss them so much it hurts. And my lovely cat! Tjocken.... he was my all, and i left him... I miss him too..!

I hope some day we can move to Sweden... Sweden is so much happier and easier to live in. And the people is so much more free in there... Here i feel like almost wathever i do is wrong. Just to exist feels wrong sometimes. Hehe.... I dont think i really belong here.......... but.... maybe ill get used to it.... someday..... but do i really want that????

J.B is coming!

Im sooooo happy!!! My J.B is finally coming to Sweden. ^^
I miss him so much, i can hardly belive its already 9 month since i saw him last time.
I have a lot of things to prepare untill he come here.. I have to color my hair, clean the apartment 100%, plan about what to do, get train or bus ticket to the airport... And also.. i need to study korean twice as much as i do right now. Coz i want him to feel pleased of how much i have learned. =)

More pictures of Victoria

Here is some more pics of my new sister Victoria. ^^

A sister

My new sister came this morning...

Catrina Edda Victoria Andersson.. may 01, 2010, at 05.17 am swedish time.

A toad on my way home! :)

Yaaay.. I saw this year's first toad on my way home tonight! = You can ask him to fulfill a wish for you! ^^
The fun of it all is that I told my friend Foffen earlier tonight when we were out on a walk, that you may wish for something when you see a toad on your way home. And then.. l saw one..! ^ ^
Imagine how pleased I was ... I told the toad what I wished for, and now I just need to wait and see if it comes true. I hope so. :=)

You can only wish for something from a toad if you encounter it on the way home, and if it is on the same road as you. You can not ask him to fulfill your wish if it is on the other side of the road, or if it is on the grass next to where you go ... But ... If it would skip out on the road from the grass next to you, you may wish for something. :3

Party in Östanbogården 10/4

Jocke, Carro & Me at Carros birthday party in Östanbogården.
Check out my Swedish blog if you want to see more pictures of the party.

Good Night

Good Night My Love!

Robert Gustafsson

I remember you liked this one my love.... You laughed when i showed it to you summer 2008. ^^

Happy new year!

I wish all my friends and family a happy new year!
And.. for my J.B.... I wish you a happy new year and a happy life with me. ^^
I love you, i love you, i love you..... Hope i'll see you soon! Kiss kiss

A baby boy

Howdy howdy... Last night.... around 1 am... i got good news... My sister had a son. ^^


My father called me this morning... He said my sister is going to deliver her baby today...
She is soon going to be a mother and I'm going to be an aunt. =)
A child is on its way... New-made.. hah..

A sad story!!

One day I caught a bird.
I said:
- Live with me!
The bird replied:
- No, I want to live and fly freely.
Then I ripped the wings from it, stared at it and said:
- Fly then!
Bleeding, he replied to me:
- I can not fly anymore, but I can sing for you!
Even more resentful I threw the bird into the wall and yelled:
The bird looked at me, bleeding and with sad eyes and whispered:
- Not sing .. But I can die for you ..

Time for school again

Well... now it's time for school again. Aja aja!!!!!
I'm going to do my really best.. I want to finish one thing at least!
And... It's pancakes for lunch today!!! YAAAAY! So happy!!! ^^


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.. i can feel negative wibes around me... But.. i guess it will go away as later.
Now.. is it time to study.. i will start with some history. Coz, thats the most interesting subject.. And after history... i think ill do some computersience.. and if i have the tima after that..... im going to study deutsch, the language of Germany. =)
...and perhaps some korean before i go to bed.

New stockings and new shoes

Wanna drink? ^^

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