My love is back!

My love came back from his company studying today.. I'm so proud of him! ^^
I think this two weeks was the longest weeks in my life.. I'm so happy I can see him again now.
I sure miss him a lot!

I'm waiting for him now to come online.... Hope it won't take tooo long coz I'm going to swimming pool today at 16.30... I have decided that I have to learn how to swim.. I have to be able to go swimming with my future children some day. And if something happens I need to be able to know how to swim so I can save them. ^^
And also.... my love like to go to indoor swimming pool sometimes, and I want to be able to go with him and have fun too.. Not only looking at him swimming. ^^

Well....... I'm going to make something to eat now while I wait for him. :)


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