23 days left

I have this great feeling of happyness today... And it feels sooooo goooood..!
It's only 23 days left untill i'll meet my beloved Jong Beum again.. ^^

I'm Coming!

I'm coming to you soon my love....... Departure date is 21/6..... SO HAPPY!!!!!!! YAAAAAY!!!
I can't wait to see you again my wonderful Jong Beum..! ^^
I don't even know what to write.....I'm to happy.... crying... hahaha...

Thank you God, thank you for listening to my prayers.

I have cut my hair

What do you think???? ^^

김종국 - 어제보다 오늘 더

I Love this song..... Kim Jong Gook is really great... Or is it maybe Kim Jong Kook???? I think it sounds more as a "G" then a "K"... But actually..... I don't know. ^^
I think the name of the song is : "Today More Than Yesterday"  (어제보다 오늘 더)
Anyway.... I love this song.. It make me think about my lovely lovely wonderful future husband Jong Beum who i love more then anything in this world..! ♥ I miss him so much! I hope we'll be together again soon.

I have never met someone so important and precious to me, that it hurts
To meet you, to feel that happiness........is all I wan't..... Love you J.B

Korean Grammar = Hard!!

Descriptive verbs can be made in noun modifiers and describe the nouns directly. The verb acts as an adjective to modify a noun that must follow immediately.

The translation for descriptive verbs typically start with "to be..." This construction would remove that from the literal translation.
작다 (jakda) - to be small
작은 (jakeun) - [a] small [noun]

Descriptive Verb Stem + -(은)ㄴ [noun]

-은 (-eun) is attached to descriptive verb stems that end in consonants.
좋다 (johta) - to be good
좋 (joh) - verb stem
좋 + 은 = 좋은 (joheun)
좋은 [명사] - (a) good [noun]
좋은 사람 (joheun saram) - a good person

-ㄴ (-n) is attached to descriptive verb stems that end in vowels.
나쁘다 (nappeuda) - to be bad
나쁘 (nappeu) - verb stem
나쁘 + ㄴ = 나쁜 (nappeun)
나쁜 [명사] - (a) bad [noun]
나쁜 사람 (nappeun saram) - a bad person

Example Sentences
1.큰 사과 주세요. (keun sahwa juseyo)
Please give me a big apple.

2.이 사람이 바쁜 사람이에요. (i saram-i bappeun saram-ieyo.)
This person is a busy person.

3.이상한 질문이 있는데요. (isanghan jilmun-i itneundeyo.)
I have a strange question.

This noun modifier can be used with all politeness levels because another verb must follow, and that verb indicates the politeness level.

저는 한국에서 살고 싶어요.

I want to live in Korea with my lovely Jong Beum.... i really miss him a looot.... And I LOVE HIM with all my heart.! ^^

Suwon seen from Paldal Mountain.

A funny joke

There's a blonde and a red head. It's 10'oclock at night and they're at the blonde's house watching the late news. On the news was a story of a man who commited suicide then the redhead turns to the blonde and says "I bet you t$50 he'll jump", and the blonde says "ok I bet  you $50 he won't ".

The man jumped, so the blonde pulls out her purse and says "here's your $50",

and the redhead said "no I can't accept it. I watched the early news and heard that he jumped".

Then the blonde replied "So did I but I didn't think he'd jump again!"


♥ I was on a wedding this weekend. It was really soooo nice!
I almost couldn't stop myself from crying... They looked so happy...
I can't wait for the day I'm going to be married.... ♥

♦ I wish you luck in the life as husband and wife Ulla-Marie and Thomas! ♦

Promoe - Svennebanan

This is the number one summer hit in Sweden..... i don't like it much, but it is not that bad.... It is ok to listen at... but i wouldn't like to buy the CD...
Well......you can listen to it too....and leave a comment if you like it or not.....

World Radio - Peachpie Korean POP

This is the radio channel I'm listening to right now.... It is really nice and plays many kinds of music... But all is Korean... Almost..... ^^

- Peachpie Korean POP

I love you Jong Beum......


i miss my love so much.... i really need him right now.... its not fair...  T.T

Time to sleep

A day is over once again.,.,.,.. I hope tomorrow will be a better day...


I'm going to the hospital tomorrow..... 10.00....... am........
It will take a few hours... so i will maybe be finished around 13.00.... or something..

The worlds greatest future father in law. ^--^


I was supposed to go to the bank today..... But..... It is really toooo bad weather... and really cold!!
So~~~~~~~I'll do it tomorrow instead..

And im really tired....so~~~~i should take a rest...

Im soooo goooood

I have been studying a lot today..... Im so proud of my self... ^^
I have finnished the work about language history, language sociology... and i have been reading about the French and the industry Revolution....and now im going to read about the Vietnam war.
Im so good.... haha... yaaaay....!! ^^

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