Its a while ago i updated my blog.... I have been so busy with studying.. But now, today.. i got the time to write. ^^

I will go to my grandparents today. And my sister and her boyfriend are coming too. Its nice to meet them again. And.. shes pregnant! ^^ its only one month left untill their blessing are coming to the world. Im so exited! Ind shes soo biig now i guess.. I will take a picture and put it here later. :)
My father and his wife are coming too... And.... she is also pregnant.. haha.. but she have 5 month left.

I feel a little bit like an outcast.. :/
Maybe i should start have a family soon too?

also.... one of my best friends delivered her baby this sunday. He was 48 centimeter and 2804 gram. Such a small boy, but he is healthy. Thats the important thing. ^^ She is going to name him Noah. Isnt it a nice name? :)

Now i only have two friends left who doesnt have their own family.. Hmmm... Everyone else have their own family.. I feel some kinda pressure to get my own. I already have to most wonderful future husband, so why not? ^^


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