By Joakim Skoog

Här är några citat min bror har skapat. Han är så bra på allt... förstår inte vart han får allt talang ifrån?? ^^

‎"Life is not about what you see or what you hear, it is about what you give and what you get" ~ Joakim Skoog

"To be able to get your own will, you have to grant other people theirs" ~ Joakim Skoog

"Your decisions can sometimes affect someone else's dreams and ambitions" ~ Joakim Skoog

"Those eyes and that smile makes me breathless. Even though it only lasts for a second it's still worth it" ~ Joakim Skoog

"While we are looking down upon our failures, our God is looking down upon us with His love and warmth" ~ Joakim Skoog

"You better tell me before it's gone too far, or the words will hurt even more" ~ Joakim Skoog

"The more you expect from someone or something, the bigger the disappointment may be" ~ Joakim Skoog

"Don't act like an angel when you've already broken the rules of being one" ~ Joakim Skoog

"Life is like a puzzle. You get to choose yourself which pieces that fit in, and which ones that doesn't" ~ Joakim Skoog

"We all have our own fight, whether it's mentally, physically or emotionally" ~ Joakim Skoog

"What if it's the non-perfect ones that are rare and actually wanted, and not the perfect ones?" ~ Joakim Skoog


Vi håller tummarna:)

Nej har tagit bort min fb...

2011-09-21 @ 07:20:53

Det går jätte bra med Tone, hon är jätte snäll.

Jag ska kasta upp bilder, lover :)

2011-09-21 @ 12:24:48

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